“Faith can move mountains”

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By Ace Alvarez

After Christine’s presentation, Abdelkarem asked her, “You didn’t show us if the market you are targeting in Scarborough (Ontario) will be able to sustain your start-up business for the long run.”

I interjected: “Christine, you know how you can get an estimate of the market that you are targeting?

“Christian churches in Toronto seat an average of 1,200 people. Go to the websites of the Christian Churches in the area that you want to serve. Get the number of services that each church conducts over one weekend. One-third of the people attending in each of those services are of South Asian descent. Multiply that number with the number of weekend services, times the number of churches, thus, you will have an idea of the size of your market.”

Christine started flipping back her presentation to the first slide, which serves as the cover title of her presentation. While doing this, she was saying, “To me, it doesn’t matter how big, or small the market is.”

The slide read, “Miracle By Design”. Below the name of the company read, “What is impossible for man is possible for God. — Luke 18:27”.

Abdelkarem — a non-Christian, was saying something more, but stopped as soon as he saw my hand gestured him to rein in. It was good that even with the differences in our two cultures, Abdelkarem shared with mine the commonality on at least this particular hand gesture.

I was prompted to signal Abdelkarem as I — born and raised as a Catholic, do share Christine’s belief that faith can move mountains.

(Note: This narration occurred while I was listening to the start-up business presentation of Christine in Scarborough on Wednesday, July 7, 2015. Christine is opening a shop soon in Scarborough, Ontario to design and sew Sari for South Asian Christian women, as opposed to the designs worn by non-Christians).


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