Flora’s Appeal to the Public

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — Friends, I am sharing the following link to you as requested by Flora – the matriarch of the family who became close to me and my wife.

Flora’s townhouse here was gutted to the ground by a fire last January 8.

Flora is asking for financial help aimed at raising $10,000 to clean up the place. In a private message requesting that I share her plea, Flora said that while the unit was insured, the insurer would only pay the minimum amount and that she and her family would have to pay the contractor for the clean-up.

Flora’s private message follows:

“Thank you very much. You’re truly a friend, We are hoping to raise the amount for the clean up even though it was insured, it was minimum and we have to pay the contractor for clean up; 10-thousand dollars. That’s why we’re asking you to share and ask people even a little. We are staying in a basement of a friend. People give donations. But we can’t really accept clothing and other things coz we have no space, but we appreciate gift cards, but most important is financial help to help for the big problem we have to pay. Please help …”

I have known Flora and her family since 1996. She – especially her daughter, Dawn, has followed all of my writings from 1996 and the years covering that decade thereafter. Flora used to tell me then that Gie and I have inspired her daughter, Dawn, to pursue journalism in college.

On two special occasions at elementary school, Dawn invited me to attend and requested my presence; I did. One was a recognition given to her by the Toronto Catholic District School Board; the other was her graduation where she was graduated with honors. After this, for some reasons, communication was lost. It was not until June 21, 2013 that Gie and I saw again Flora and her daughter, Dawn, at a fundraising function of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation. It was at this time that Flora happily broke to us the news that Dawn’s dream from which she drew inspiration on my, and Gie’s, work became a reality. Dawn is now with the news team with one of Canada’s two national broadcast networks.

Friends, I call upon your good hearts to please respond to Flora and her family’s appeal. The link to the site is as follows:


All of us may be facing challenges: personally and/or those affecting our respective family. A little help from each of us, however, to Flora and her family will go a long way. As American writer Denis Waitley said, “I had the blues because I have no shoes, until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.”


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