One Key

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — The things of immediate use for me on a daily basis are assigned their pocket in any among my winter coats I use for the day.

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Waking up on the cold winter morning today, I stepped out outside, but was surprised that the spare key for the car was not in the left front pocket of my coat, nor in any of its pockets. I stepped back inside, wondering if my wife Gie took it by mistake, ‘though, I doubted if she had it.

Not wanting to bother her while she was having time for herself either in church, or at our local grocery store, I opted to wait for her, and, in the meantime, took a shower.

Still bothered by the disappearance of the car key from my coat’s front left pocket, something came up to me while I was dressing up – and which gave me a smile.

I remembered that it was my father’s birth anniversary yesterday; that if he had lived to this day, he would have been 113 years old. I knew that he visited Gie and I last night, as he usually did every now and then, especially on his birth and death anniversaries; that while I said a special prayer for him yesterday, he came to make his presence felt and that he was listening to my prayers and requests for intercession.

After Gie came home, I asked her if she had the car’s spare key.

Gie said, “Oh, I placed it on your table; and I was even wondering how that key was in my jacket’s pocket anyway!”

I replied, “You know why? It was Papa’s death anniversary yesterday, as I reminded you last Monday; and he was here visiting us; that he wanted us to feel his presence in our lives to this day, as well.”

Pa, thank you again for having us felt your presence in our lives.

Friends, in our lives in this world, the spirits of our loved ones continue to look over us; and I knew this from the many experiences I have had on the matter. This brought to mind what Deacon Bob Rosales talked about before those present during a prayer service he conducted on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at the wake of the deceased mother-in-law of one of our brothers in the Knights of Columbus.

During his talk, Deacon Bob urged everyone “to pray for the deceased and all the departed, because they, in turn, become our intercessors, too, in heaven.” Yes, friends, prayer for them is one key.

Deacon Bob also urged everyone to pray for one another.

(The Rev. Mr. Bob Rosales is a Deacon in the Archdiocese of Toronto and assigned at the “Our Lady of Assumption Parish” in midtown Toronto – which houses the Filipino Chaplaincy in the city. Deacon Bob is also the Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, San Lorenzo Ruiz Council #8809, and the Faithful Navigator of the 4th Degree K of C “Assembly of Infant Jesus #2692”. Both the K of C Council 8809 and Assembly 2692 are based at the St. John XXIII Parish in Don Mills, Ontario. ).


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