By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — A Chinese proverb states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

For Paul Yee, his journey of a thousand miles in the production business for broadcast advertising is almost completed.

Paul is now winding up the operation of China Syndrome Productions, Inc.

For me and Gie, our first steps in the industry in Canada were taken with Paul Yee, when his China Syndrome Productions facility was located on Niagara Street in the lower west end of Toronto in 1995.

There, we met Paul as Gie and I served as voice over talents for one of Bell Canada’s radio commercial at that time.

Several more projects later with China Syndrome Productions, Redtree Productions of Boston, Massachusetts phoned one time. The U.S.-based production supplier at the time needed a Production Coordinator for a TV commercial it would shoot in Toronto, but which would be aired in California.

According to Redtree Productions, it asked for a referral from China Syndrome Productions for a “very good and reliable female Production Coordinator,” and Gie’s name  was the only one given.

From 1995 until this time, between the two of us, Gie and I have done hundreds of radio and TV commercials, audio-visual presentations and documentaries for a wide array of products and services and in various capacities: producer, director, production manager, production coordinator, voice coach — name it, we have done it, and with a good number working with advertising agencies and production houses, based either in Ontario or outside of this province and, several times, U.S. based ad agencies.

I mention this as all this is the result of a spin off from that initial steps we took with Paul Yee.

All through the years that either Gie, or I, would go the impressive office of China Syndrome Productions in Markham, Ontario, the President of the company never failed to come out of his office to chat with us. Paul has always been the executive of a very successful company who is reachable.

The last recent time Gie and I saw Paul on separate occasions at the China Syndrome Productions, he told us how he would be spending his time in retirement.

To you, Paul, we wish you the best on your retirement!

Please keep in your heart that Gie and I appreciate everything. We’ll see you around when you are in town.


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