By Ace Alvarez

It is with sadness that at noon today, I learned of the passing of my good friend, Adolfo Makuntima Makwiza.

Adolfo Makuntima Makwiza (Click image to enlarge)

He passed away last Friday, December 29, from a heart attack.

Adolfo was a teacher, a television producer, a writer, book author and a musician/composer.

Adolfo and I met in 2002 during a briefing for new independent television producers by the administrative and technical managers of the newly-licensed Rogers OMNI.2 Television. It was therefrom that our beautiful friendship begun.

Adolfo would phone me occasionally to share with me his work: books, CD recordings of music that he composed and, at times, confided with me personal matters affecting him and his family.

After my tenure was over as president of a national media organization in Canada (where he was a member, likewise), he told me several times: “For me, you would always be my president. Our organization has never been the same after your tenure.”

I remember laughing at him every time he declared that. I would tell him, “You know, you act not as a close friend, but more of my fan.” He would then, burst into laughter, then would shift into saying, “No, seriously, my friend!”

Adolfo was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He studied Sociology at York University, Education at the University of Ottawa, and finished his Master’s degree in Theology at the University of Toronto in 2009.

His studies took him to Angola, Italy and the USA.

After his book, entitled, “Spiritual Growth in the Midst of Challenges” (ISBN-10: 1467037338; ISBN-13: 978-1467037334) was printed, he told me upon handing a copy to me that it was the first that ever came off the press. When I opened the book, I found a heartwarming note addressed to me on the leaf of the book. With a smile, I hugged Adolfo.

I also have copies of Adolfo’s recorded CDs of his musical composition. As a musician, he had six CD albums to his name.

I will miss you, Adolfo; our conversations on the phone, at coffee houses, our exchanges of jokes during those occasions.

Rest in peace, my friend! Eternal rest grant unto the soul of Adolfo, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.


Meantime, even before writing this post, I got another message informing me of another death, whom the messenger of the information thought someone I knew. Add this to Adolfo’s passing and those of recent ones of two people close to me, namely, Sen. Tobias Jun Enverga, and Fr. John Kiesling, SA.

Fr. John Kiesling served as Pastor at the Holy Cross Church on Cosburn Avenue (and Donlands Avenue) in the former Borough of East York and under whom I worked with for six years in the Parish’s Finance Committee. It was also during Fr. John Kiesling’s time at Holy Cross Church that my wife Gie trained to serve as a Lector, and son, Christian served as an altar server.

Rest in peace, friends.

Sigh … what a month this has been for me!


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