A Piece of Wisdom for Ontario Provincial Election 2018

By Ace Alvarez

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Toronto, Ontario — Before the election held recently affecting an organization we were closely involved in, I sought advice from the Rev. Mr. Bob Rosales — a Deacon in the Archdiocese of Toronto and one of the stalwarts in our organization to whom to cast our unit’s vote from among the four candidates for an important position in our organization.

I found Deacon Bob’s opinion very fair. He opined: “From among the four candidates, let me cite just two. ‘X’ is a good friend of mine and ‘Y’ is not. But if we take the qualifications to the position that they are running for, ‘Y’ is more qualified for the office.”

I mention this having in mind Thursday, June 7 when Ontarians — 18 years of age and citizens of Canada, will go to the polls and elect a government who will lead the province in the next four years.

As a newsman, I have personally met each of the three leaders of the major parties at events in the past that even one among them I found so gracious to me, to even merit casting my vote for. This situation reminded me, however, of the very good reasoning that Deacon Bob passed on to me.

In Ontario’s political system — and Canada’s for this matter, it is the agenda of the ruling party, however, that are being tackled in the legislature.

Meanwhile, after Sunday mass in a Scarborough, Ontario parish, the Pastor spoke as part of his community announcements, reminding qualified voters that it is everybody’s duty to cast one’s vote during elections.

The Pastor continued, “While there are so many issues to tackle, take also into consideration values relating to our faith: the right and dignity of life of an unborn child and several other Catholic values.”

I write this piece to pass on to you fellow citizens the foregoing reminders, bearing in mind, that there are moments when the overall good transcends those which are only personal to us, among others, acquaintances, friendships!

Thank you, Deacon Bob, for such wisdom!


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