Heartwarming Thoughts on the Birth Anniversary of my brother, Brod B

April 22, 2017

By Ace Alvarez

My dear brother, Brod B — Then and Now (Click image to enlarge)

Toronto, Ontario — Well, Brod B … I’m following North American Eastern Time, thus, if you find this a bit late in accord with the date and time at the part of the world you are in, I’m not really apologizing, nor, will I. The fact is, even if you say this is late, for me this is not; for what I am celebrating today is your birth, not only your birthday. You have always been a very good sibling to me. So, a BIG BIRTH ANNIVERSARY GREETING TO YOU, dearest brother.

Oh, I can’t really help it, but be nostalgic on this day. Today – and countless times, I remember all those happy times we have had.

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Brushing-Up on the Continuously Evolving Tagalog Language

November 20, 2015

New Trends in Tagalog Informal Writing

By Nancy Factura-Ampil with Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — My wife, Front Page Philippines TV Host, Gie Alvarez, and I are sharing with you one note sent to us by our niece, Nancy Factura-Ampil, which, we found pleasure in reading and made us smile all throughout, especially because of the humor incorporated in her letter — including the play on words picked from English, the old Tagalog language in formal compositions and the informal street-coined Tagalog words that have continuously evolved the Tagalog language — in the same manner that other languages do.

Nancy Factura-Ampil (Click Photo to enlarge)

Nancy Factura-Ampil (Click Photo to enlarge)

I apologize to my non-Tagalog speaking readers as I will not even attempt to translate Nancy’s writing. I will certainly get lost in translation.

Here and there, Nancy’s note contained “Jejemon” — a pop culture phenomenon in the Philippines, where the younger Filipinos subverted the English language to the point that their elders could not comprehend, and which the former usually used in text messages.

Nancy’s letter follows:

“Bago ako maging hilong-talilong na naman sa kahektikan ng sked ko ngayong papasok ang Disyembre, mag-email na kaya ako sa mga paborito kong Titas & Titos (di naman sumisipsip ha… totoo naman talaga yan). Speaking of Disyembre, di lang po Pasko ang inaatupag ko ngayon. Reviewer for 2nd Trimestral Exams ni Buch (Dec 1-4); parents’ recollection (Dec 4); birthday ng mabait kong honey (Dec.5); First Confession ni Buch (Dec.6); First Communion ni Buch (Dec 11); 17th Anniversary namin ni honey ko (Dec.11); HighSch. Batch Xmas Party (Dec 11) and so on, and so forth. Kung meron lang totoong ‘genie in a bottle’ ang 3 wishes ko ay: isang clone ko para gawin lahat ng gawaing bahay, isang clone ko para umattend sa mga school activities ni Buch at i-review sya sa exams, at syempre ang last wish ko is makapag-relax naman and pamper myself. Simple lang po ano? No material things (wink emoticon)

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March 16, 2014

The following is a true story; and I was third party as a witness to this conversation.

Over a bottle of beer one night at a bar in 1980s Philippines:

Lawyer “A”:  “B”, I want to ask you a question.

Lawyer “B”:  Sure, please do.

Lawyer “A”:  You know, we were classmates at the College of Law. When we were students, you may not admit this now, but between us, I was the better student, academically speaking. Now, in the legal profession, there have been several cases that you and I faced, representing the opposing parties in those cases. But how come, in all those cases, I lost them all to you. Sometimes, even before the case reaches the court, say at the City Fiscal’s Office, the case is already in your client’s favor – even before the case is elevated to the Regional Trial Court.

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Uh-oh! “Dennis — The Menace” is in Trouble

August 6, 2013

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — In my neighborhood, there’s this Caucasian and very handsome 8-year old boy (being raised by a single parent with the help of his grandparents), who, from time to time, I talked to during the last three years, starting when he was in Senior K class.

dennisthemenace1For purposes of this post, let me call him “Dennis — The Menace”.

In my mind, I have always christened this boy with such name, considering his nature.

During the last three years, I have always predicted that it would not be long that this boy would have a run-in with authorities.

Today, while getting fresh air outside, “Dennis — The Menace” came to me and sat on the steps leading to my front door.

He started a conversation with me:

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A Banter on Gloria Rafanan, Press Relations Officer of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation, on my not-so-busy Friday

June 10, 2011

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Gloria Rafanan, the Press Relations Officer of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) sent the following message at 4:27 p.m. today to the media (myself included) as follows: 

Dear All,

On behalf of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF),  it is our pleasure to invite you and  join us in the celebration of  our first major event themed as the “Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show sa Toronto” to be held on Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  The venue is at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Tower, Hall C, 255 Front Street W., Toronto, Ontario Attached is a Poster of the Trade Show and a brief organizational overview of  the PCCF.

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January 30, 2010

By Ace Alvarez

TORONTO,  CANADA  — He lives.


Oh yeah! He — that guy on the left photo; the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Oops! I’m sorry. Wrong photo. That’s Elv-Ace.  I meant, the guy in the photo below –Elvis; Elvis Presley.

On Christmas Day 2009, one gift that my wife gave me was a DVD of the king of rock ‘n’ roll’s 25th anniversary concert: “Elvis Lives”.


I heard about that concert in the late 90s but not until my wife, Gie, gifted me with the DVD that I’ve seen it.

Elvis Presley’s former bandmates did a great job in the production of the concert headlined by a performer who is no longer living; and this was all through the magic of modern technology.

In the concert, the king of rock ‘n’ roll was reunited with his original TCB (Taking Care of Business) Band, his back-up singers, namely, “The Imperials” and “The Sweet Inspirations” for that unique concert special.

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January 8, 2010
By Ace Alvarez

As I browsed over a family tree on my mother’s side called the SORIANO — ARBIS branch drawn by a cousin, one name struck me as familiar: NELSON GALVEZ.

My media colleague, NELSON GALVEZ, JR. (Photo: Tony Sicat)

One Nelson Galvez I know — and whom I remember having mentioned to me some years back that his family originated from Roxas City is my colleague from the Filipino Canadian media in Toronto.

I e-mailed Nelson and asked the names of his parents and his middle name.

Promptly replying, it turned out that his middle name is different from the mother of the Nelson Galvez mentioned in my family tree. Nelson, however, closed his message with, “Any concern for me, Ace? I’m a ‘Jr.’.”

I replied to his e-mail saying that I was reading the family tree sent by a cousin in the mail, then I proceeded to ask him who his grandparents were.

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