Brushing-Up on the Continuously Evolving Tagalog Language

November 20, 2015

New Trends in Tagalog Informal Writing

By Nancy Factura-Ampil with Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — My wife, Front Page Philippines TV Host, Gie Alvarez, and I are sharing with you one note sent to us by our niece, Nancy Factura-Ampil, which, we found pleasure in reading and made us smile all throughout, especially because of the humor incorporated in her letter — including the play on words picked from English, the old Tagalog language in formal compositions and the informal street-coined Tagalog words that have continuously evolved the Tagalog language — in the same manner that other languages do.

Nancy Factura-Ampil (Click Photo to enlarge)

Nancy Factura-Ampil (Click Photo to enlarge)

I apologize to my non-Tagalog speaking readers as I will not even attempt to translate Nancy’s writing. I will certainly get lost in translation.

Here and there, Nancy’s note contained “Jejemon” — a pop culture phenomenon in the Philippines, where the younger Filipinos subverted the English language to the point that their elders could not comprehend, and which the former usually used in text messages.

Nancy’s letter follows:

“Bago ako maging hilong-talilong na naman sa kahektikan ng sked ko ngayong papasok ang Disyembre, mag-email na kaya ako sa mga paborito kong Titas & Titos (di naman sumisipsip ha… totoo naman talaga yan). Speaking of Disyembre, di lang po Pasko ang inaatupag ko ngayon. Reviewer for 2nd Trimestral Exams ni Buch (Dec 1-4); parents’ recollection (Dec 4); birthday ng mabait kong honey (Dec.5); First Confession ni Buch (Dec.6); First Communion ni Buch (Dec 11); 17th Anniversary namin ni honey ko (Dec.11); HighSch. Batch Xmas Party (Dec 11) and so on, and so forth. Kung meron lang totoong ‘genie in a bottle’ ang 3 wishes ko ay: isang clone ko para gawin lahat ng gawaing bahay, isang clone ko para umattend sa mga school activities ni Buch at i-review sya sa exams, at syempre ang last wish ko is makapag-relax naman and pamper myself. Simple lang po ano? No material things (wink emoticon)

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AFCM Caregivers Ministry, POLO pro-actively move to renew Caregivers’ OWWA membership

February 6, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Philippine Labor Representative in Canada Leonida V. Romulo (right, standing) goes over with caregivers the benefits of renewing their membership with the Philippines' Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. The seminar, Sunday, February 1, 2015, was organized by the Caregivers Ministry of the Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission in Toronto, headed by Jeanette Rosales. (Ace Alvarez for AFCM/OLA/Click image to enlarge)

Philippine Labor Representative in Canada Leonida V. Romulo (right, standing) goes over with caregivers the benefits of renewing their membership with the Philippines’ Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. The seminar, Sunday, February 1, 2015, was organized by the Caregivers Ministry of the Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission in Toronto, headed by Jeanette Rosales. (Ace Alvarez for AFCM/OLA/Click image to enlarge)

Toronto, Ontario — The Caregivers Ministry of the Archdiocesan Filipino Catholic Mission (AFCM) has gathered caregivers at a recent seminar, providing them an opportunity to renew their life insurance and health care coverage under the Philippine government’s Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Membership Benefits’ Program.

Officers and staff of the Philippine diplomatic mission in Toronto were on hand at the Juana Tejada Lounge of the AFCM on Bathurst Street to assist caregivers who wanted to renew their expired insurance coverage. The AFCM is housed at the “Our Lady of Assumption” (OLA) Parish on Bathurst Street (north of Eglinton Avenue W) in Toronto.

Jeanette Rosales, Head of the AFCM Caregivers Ministry, said the event is one pro-active move to protect the welfare of caregivers.

Rosales said the move is aimed at minimizing, if not totally preventing, another instance where the Filipino Canadian community and various organizations are burdened where to get, or raise funds for expenses in repatriating the body of a deceased caregiver whose membership with OWWA expired.

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Vignettes of Hockey

November 7, 2014

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — After coming to Canada years ago, my family and I have been advised that in order to appreciate all the seasons in a country with temperate climate, we have to appreciate all activities associated with winter, among others, sports.

I pass on anew this advice to fellow Filipino Canadians, especially, the newcomers.

Canada is famous for its national past time during the winter months; Hockey!

Recently, Front Page Philippines Program Host Gie Alvarez and I did this project for the National Hockey League — in cooperation with OMNI Television, in a language common to us Filipinos, hence, did it in Taglish.

This project is one that was harder to do, compared with the many productions we handled before, considering that I have to do the voice over within the time frame available from the original English version. There were segments that we repeatedly re-recorded (thus, requires script revision, too) to fit in the voice over within the available time frame vis-a-vis the English version and the length of the footage.

Please note that the link features several topics on the basics of hockey.

Friends, if you want to learn the basics of the game, please watch the series of this vignettes of hockey: PRESS HERE TO PLAY


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From an expert, here’s why parents must get closely involved with the Catholic Education of their Children

August 29, 2014

Toronto, Ontario — The kind of governance that every state has depends on the formative values that our leaders have been reared in by their parents, teachers and the people they have been with in constant company, because all these people somehow have influenced them.

It is said that the youth is the future of a nation. As first teachers, parents have great responsibility on the children and the youth of today. After, parents, the teachers are next whom school children look up to. Some of us might even notice that our kindergarten and early grader kids would at times tell us, “No, it’s not so. My teacher said that ….” This only proves that, as one internationally-known statesman, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, said, “The school is the book in which is written the future of the nation.”

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June 24, 2014

Canadian rock star and Sum 41 frontman, Deryck Whibley, says, “I had pretty much just damaged everything.”


With Commentary by Ace Alvarez related to the story as follows:

The story by CBCNEWS.CA, “Deryck Whibley:  ‘I had pretty much just damaged everything’,” reminded me of my conversation with Filipino actor and singer, Tirso Cruz III during the inauguration of  Hotel Mirador in Ermita, Manila, The Philippines years ago.

During that conversation, “Pip” as he is widely known in the entertainment industry, became successful in his career. The movies that he usually did early his career were mostly musical, co-starring with Nora Aunor. Theirs is regarded as the most famous love team in Philippine Cinema; although the story line in all the movies he was doing during those times, one after another, were the run-of-the-mill type, they did not require a script.

Pip said that during those times, he fell into drinking alcohol. He said that on days that he was home, his drinking would usually start at 10 AM – the time that he usually woke up; and yes, he has not eaten breakfast yet. Friends would sometimes join him, thus, drinking would continue to late nights, or until the wee hours of the morning. Drunk, he usually slept in the couch, and when he woke up the following morning, the same routine went. At his movie shootings, Pip said, he usually fell asleep in between takes, and when it was his turn, he would ask, “Huh! Direk, ano ang gagawin ko (what am I supposed to do)?” and would proceed to improvising a dialogue with his co-star.

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Bullying has many forms; and how do you stop it?

September 28, 2013

By Ace Alvarez

Bullying has so many forms – and you, as a reader, may be suffering from one of its form or another, thus, let it be said here that you must always take proportionality into consideration when you get back to those bullying you. The fact is, if there is anybody first to stand for the bullied, it must be himself, or herself, otherwise, the bullied will always be at the receiving end of this abuse.”

Toronto, Ontario — At the onset of school last year, a Grade 2 student at one of the Catholic schools here found herself in a class, not composed of classmates she had during the previous school year at the same school.

Shortly after the school opened in September 2012, the seven-year old student would tell her parents that she was being bullied by a group from her own class.

Her parents talked to the second grader’s Class Adviser about the matter, who in turn told her parents not to take the matter seriously since those involved are all children, but talked to the students complained of anyway.

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Uh-oh! “Dennis — The Menace” is in Trouble

August 6, 2013

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — In my neighborhood, there’s this Caucasian and very handsome 8-year old boy (being raised by a single parent with the help of his grandparents), who, from time to time, I talked to during the last three years, starting when he was in Senior K class.

dennisthemenace1For purposes of this post, let me call him “Dennis — The Menace”.

In my mind, I have always christened this boy with such name, considering his nature.

During the last three years, I have always predicted that it would not be long that this boy would have a run-in with authorities.

Today, while getting fresh air outside, “Dennis — The Menace” came to me and sat on the steps leading to my front door.

He started a conversation with me:

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