Remembering my dear brother, Nelson S. Alvarez, on his birth anniversary.

June 2, 2018

By Ace Alvarez

Remembering my dear brother, Nelson S. Alvarez (in photo, standing, left), today on his BIRTH ANNIVERSARY.

The Alvarez Brothers Plus One, Circa 1973 (Click image to enlarge)

Brod Nelson, you have lived your life fully in accord with the teachings of the faith with which our parents passed on to us and guided us with — and which, I witnessed, you practiced in your dealings with your fellowmen, starting with your family.

Your charity and kindness to everyone are unquestionable. My love would always be with you.

Also in photo are (standing next to Nelson) my brother-in-law, Jun Fresnido; brothers Randolph and Ramy.

Seated (left to right) are: (when together) the wacky trio, Bert, Me & Brod B Tony. (I think it shows in this photo, don’t you think?). Not in this photo is our sister, Melinda, because the call for this photo was, “Only the boys.”.


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‘For all this, thank you so much, sir!’ (Mr. Teodoro F. Valencia)

May 28, 2018

By Ace Alvarez

The man in photo is TEODORO F. VALENCIA — the Dean of Philippine Journalism.

Teodoro F. Valencia (Courtesy: National Press Club of the Philippines/Click image to enlarge)

The photo was shared on Facebook awhile ago by Jojo Taduran — a veteran print and broadcast journalist in the Philippines (and now based in Toronto).

I have not come across anyone from the old world who did not know Ka Doroy. One who tuned-in to DZMT Radio on the AM Band those many years for news and commentary on current events would easily recognize Ka Doroy’s distinctive voice from his daily broadcast, “Over a Cup of Coffee”.

One tuned in to Channel 5 TV early morning those years would also see Ka Doroy with his signature column, “Over a Cup of Coffee”.

Opening one’s daily broadsheet, “Manila Times” and later the martial law-days newspaper, “Daily Express” and later, “Manila Bulletin“, one would not miss reading Ka Doroy’s daily column, “Over a Cup of Coffee”.

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Heartwarming Thoughts on the Birth Anniversary of my brother, Brod B

April 22, 2017

By Ace Alvarez

My dear brother, Brod B — Then and Now (Click image to enlarge)

Toronto, Ontario — Well, Brod B … I’m following North American Eastern Time, thus, if you find this a bit late in accord with the date and time at the part of the world you are in, I’m not really apologizing, nor, will I. The fact is, even if you say this is late, for me this is not; for what I am celebrating today is your birth, not only your birthday. You have always been a very good sibling to me. So, a BIG BIRTH ANNIVERSARY GREETING TO YOU, dearest brother.

Oh, I can’t really help it, but be nostalgic on this day. Today – and countless times, I remember all those happy times we have had.

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