April 25, 2017

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — A Chinese proverb states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

For Paul Yee, his journey of a thousand miles in the production business for broadcast advertising is almost completed.

Paul is now winding up the operation of China Syndrome Productions, Inc.

For me and Gie, our first steps in the industry in Canada were taken with Paul Yee, when his China Syndrome Productions facility was located on Niagara Street in the lower west end of Toronto in 1995.

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Flora’s Appeal to the Public

February 1, 2016

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — Friends, I am sharing the following link to you as requested by Flora – the matriarch of the family who became close to me and my wife.

Flora’s townhouse here was gutted to the ground by a fire last January 8.

Flora is asking for financial help aimed at raising $10,000 to clean up the place. In a private message requesting that I share her plea, Flora said that while the unit was insured, the insurer would only pay the minimum amount and that she and her family would have to pay the contractor for the clean-up.

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TBT (Throwback THOUGHT): Someone comes for a reason; or perhaps, a season

October 22, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario –Back in the mid 80s, someone used to drop by my home in my native Philippines on his drive home from work.

Another told me that someone really wanted me as a friend for whatever purpose he may have for himself.

Figuratvely speaking, someone is represenative today of the people who come into your life — and mine, for a reason; or, perhaps, a season.

… and when fall comes but long after the leaves from trees are gone, then and only then, that someone starts to realize the value of one after the latter left for another season, or reason.


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“Faith can move mountains”

July 31, 2015
(Click the image to enlarge)

(Click the image to enlarge)

By Ace Alvarez

After Christine’s presentation, Abdelkarem asked her, “You didn’t show us if the market you are targeting in Scarborough (Ontario) will be able to sustain your start-up business for the long run.”

I interjected: “Christine, you know how you can get an estimate of the market that you are targeting?

“Christian churches in Toronto seat an average of 1,200 people. Go to the websites of the Christian Churches in the area that you want to serve. Get the number of services that each church conducts over one weekend. One-third of the people attending in each of those services are of South Asian descent. Multiply that number with the number of weekend services, times the number of churches, thus, you will have an idea of the size of your market.”

Christine started flipping back her presentation to the first slide, which serves as the cover title of her presentation. While doing this, she was saying, “To me, it doesn’t matter how big, or small the market is.”

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” … but window shopping was not part of the deal.”

May 20, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

The following was inspired by the fatherly insights of my brother, Ramy Alvarez:

I asked my Brother, Ramy Alvarez, “… but there’s nothing wrong with window shopping?”

He said, “Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it, but window shopping was not part of the deal.”

My query — and my brother Ramy’s comment , emanated from a story he was telling me when I was 20 about my two nieces, Rose and Rlyn, who asked his permission back in ’73 if the two could go and watch a movie in Cubao (in Quezon City, The Philippines).

(Courtesy: Photobucket/Click image to enlarge)

(Courtesy: Photobucket/Click image to enlarge)

He gave them his nod.

After the movie, Rose and Rlyn, went window shopping around the Araneta Commercial Center in Cubao.

When the two got home early evening that day, they told their dad, “We’re sorry, Dad. We owe you an apology.”

“Why?” What for?” their dad asked.

The two girls explained that after watching a movie, they went window shopping.

“… but there’s nothing wrong with window shopping?” I interrupted my brother’s story.

He replied in all his fatherly wisdom, “Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it, but window shopping was not part of the deal.”


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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Inspirational

December 27, 2014

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — Watch by pressing the video link below, and pay special attention from TCR (Time Code Reading) 2:06, excerpted from which as follows:

“There are just a lot of people that are victims of circumstance, … and one thing leads to another …. There are a lot of good people who are homeless …”.

What the homeless man says is true. So, the next time we see a homeless man, let’s not judge him right away by what we see. Inside him is one compassionate person — and perhaps, more than we are.

As the man subject of the video said, homelessness is a causative effect of circumstance.

In one’s lifetime, the homeless person could have helped a friend to make use of his God-given talents, and as money started to trickle in, the latter wanted to cash in everything right away and overcame with greed, unmindful that in business, there were overhead expenses to shoulder from the gross income coming into the company. All the industrial partner was thinking of was his talent being utilized, forgetting AMONG MANY OTHER FACTORS in the endeavor to consider. In the end, both of them losing their friendship and business relationship altogether.
God bless both of those people.

May peace, joy and love engulf all of us this Christmas Season all through the next years.


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‘In politics, there are no permanent friends, nor permanent enemies’

June 22, 2014

Scarborough, Ontario — I saw my longtime friend, as I usually do, in church today, Michelle Serrano, and told me that she’s running for the Nomination as MP (Member of Parliament) in the Riding of Scarborough Southwest in next year’s Federal Election.

For Torontonians, Michelle Serrano is a former colleague in the broadcast media here, and daughter of “forever” Ontario Liberal Party and Liberal Party of Canada supporter and community leader Monina Serrano.

With this in mind, as well as the nomination race as MP for Scarborough Centre, where (should I say, a friend, or acquaintance) Rafael Fabregas, is running, let us all bear in mind our own Filipino-Canadian community. Should these Filipino Canadians succeed, I am certain that their activities at the House of Commons will contribute to the benefit of Filipino-Canadians, Filipinos and the Philippines at large. After all, at the stages that they started before embarking on a journey to the level that they are aiming for, they always have had in mind, the Filipino Canadian community.

The Filipino Canadian community is just like any other. Each of us has our political ideology, partisan inclination and beliefs and so on. On the other hand, during the many years passing, the leadership in the Filipino Canadian community continually was calling for members of the community to run for public office. We have heard of this adage many times: “In politics, there are no permanent friends, nor permanent enemies”; and yes, even in the legislative assemblies of each country, the legislators say “hello” to one another!

Now that several have come forward for the upcoming local, and next years federal elections, cut the irreverence, friends, and just think of what these Filipino Canadian brains could do for the Filipino Canadian community.

Good luck, Michelle. Good luck, Raffy!

(Ace Alvarez)


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