Taking Time for Children: A Recollection

November 20, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — Just like every young parent of today, Front Page Philippines TV Host Gie Alvarez and I have had a good chunk of time, too, spent on driving our children to their activities when ours were also young.

Top Photo: Pepito Rodriguez, Rosemarie Sonora and Len Alvarez in a scene in the video presentation, "My Son Was Into Drugs", produced by Manila, Philippines' Grace Media Services for the Dangerous Drugs Board of the Philippines. Below: Len Alvarez with Marco Polo Garcia playing the lead role in the DDB video material cited in top photo. (A & G Photo Library/Click image to enlarge)

Top Photo: Pepito Rodriguez, Rosemarie Sonora and Len Alvarez in a scene in the video presentation, “My Son Was Into Drugs”, produced by Manila, Philippines’ Grace Media Services for the Dangerous Drugs Board of the Philippines.
Below: Len Alvarez with Marco Polo Garcia playing the lead role in the DDB video material cited in top photo. (A & G Photo Library/Click image to enlarge)

In the mid 80s, one activity for us was to drive our oldest child, Len, to her taping schedules.

In the photos here, Len was among the cast in the video documentary “My Son Was Into Drugs”, acting the role of the younger of the two children of parents portrayed by Pepito Rodriguez and Rosemarie Sonora. Some of you would recall, that Pepito and Rosemarie were part of what was known as Batch 66, launched by Dr. Jose Perez’s Sampaguita Pictures. They were in Philippine moviedom’s love triangle of the late 60s,  Pepito Rodriguez-Rosemarie Sonora-Ricky Belmonte.

Marco Polo Garcia was in the lead role of “My Son Was Into Drugs”. Marco Polo is the son of character actor, Boy Garcia and Lucita Soriano.

Len belonged to the 1st batch of children who acted in “Batibot” — the Filipino counterpart of popular TV program for children, “Sesame Street”. Gie juggled her time as a Writer-Producer-Radio Announcer for the government radio VOP (Voice of the Philippines), to occasional voice over talent for radio commercials and dramas, to her role as a mother of two young children and a wife. I must add, those were not easy tasks.

Gie would stay for hours on the set with our daughter during the latter’s taping.

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A Heartwarming Story of Simple Caring for a Stranger

November 14, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — I’m re-sharing this beautiful video story of simple caring, shared by Oswald Tugadi — the principal of printing and graphics company, PromoBee Enterprises, on Facebook from its original post on the same social media at “The World’s Funniest Video”. To see the video, PRESS HERE.

The video shared by Oswald on Facebook reminded me of a boy who was about 10 years old back in the late 70s, who approached me while I was eating lunch at a small restaurant on Ylaya Street in Divisoria, Manila in the Philippines, offering to shine my shoes.

I asked the boy if he had lunch yet. He said “no”, explaining that he had to do his work before attending elementary class in the afternoon.

I asked him to please sit and join me, and asked the waiting lady to serve what the boy wanted for lunch.

Four years later, while I was parking my car in front of the Santo Niño Church in Tondo, Manila, a young man approached me, saying, “Sir, how are you? Do you remember me?”

I replied, “I’m sorry, but I don’t?”

He said, “You remember that boy who offered to shine your shoes four, or five years ago at that restaurant in Divisoria? I am that boy.”

I was so surprised. The boy has grown so tall that I didn’t recognize him. He told me that he was to graduate from high school. After a few more pleasantries, he offered to watch my car while I was away.

The late U.S President John F. Kennedy once said, ” … the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”


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Ego, Jealousy, Third-Party Influences Fail Wisdom

October 31, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Wikipedia describes Wisdom “as the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. Wisdom has been regarded as one of four cardinal virtues; and as a virtue, it is a habit or disposition to perform the action with the highest degree of adequacy under any given circumstance. This implies a possession of knowledge to apply it to the given circumstance. This involves an understanding of people, objects, events, situations, and the willingness, as well as the ability to apply perception, judgment, and action in keeping with the understanding of what is the optimal course of action. It often requires control of one’s emotional reactions (the “passions”) so that the universal principle of reason prevails to determine one’s action. In short, wisdom is a disposition to find the truth coupled with an optimum judgment as to what actions should be taken.”

As a person ages, one seems to have acquainted one with oneself and whatever science or art or course of action one engages in. UNFORTUNATELY, even when adults are parts of what the public may regard as belonging to a respectable organization, occupational or professional discipline, a failure to exercise wisdom comes into play, especially, when ego, jealousy and third party influences set in.

PRESS HERE for the link to one of the best scenes in motion picture that exemplifies FAILURE OF REASON in an adult (in the case of Mr. Trask [James Rebhorn], Headmaster of Baird School — an all boys boarding school with rigorous classes and expensive enrollment in New Hampshire, USA)..

In the society we live in, Mr. Trask is a personification of those lacking reason (or wisdom if you will), because of his ego, selfishness and blind submission to the dictates of a third party..

I urge readers of this post to read in between the lines and apply the lessons here in their daily lives. I urge to do similarly when watching and listening to the audio-visual link.


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TBT (Throwback THOUGHT): Someone comes for a reason; or perhaps, a season

October 22, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario –Back in the mid 80s, someone used to drop by my home in my native Philippines on his drive home from work.

Another told me that someone really wanted me as a friend for whatever purpose he may have for himself.

Figuratvely speaking, someone is represenative today of the people who come into your life — and mine, for a reason; or, perhaps, a season.

… and when fall comes but long after the leaves from trees are gone, then and only then, that someone starts to realize the value of one after the latter left for another season, or reason.


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The 2015 Canadian Federal Elections: a Moral Compass by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

October 16, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — One legal principle that is universally-recognized is that “the laws of man are based from the laws of God.”

This being so, I re-share here what Deacon Bob Rosales of the Archdiocese of Toronto already shared within several closed groups on Facebook to help guide in our choice on which political party to lead us in the next four years. I find, however, that the Guide would be of greater benefit sharing the same to a larger audience, hence, this repost.

You may find the GUIDE by pressing HERE.

The 2015 Federal Election Guide was prepared by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Meanwhile, on my premise here that “the laws of man are based from the laws of God,” I need not establish the truth about the statement just cited. For purposes, however, of those who may want additional knowledge on legal history, the following may add to your understanding:


On Biblical passages, one may refer to Romans 13:1-14 ESV


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October 14, 2015

By Ace Alvarez

Toronto, Ontario — The federal elections in Canada are five days away. Are you still undecided on who to put at the House of Commons to represent you and your riding?

Most voters do not even understand how the leadership of the government is formed in Canada.

In Canada and other parliamentary systems of government elsewhere, such as in the United Kingdom Australia and New Zealand, the Prime Minister is not directly elected by voters. They are a Member of Parliament and voted to office by the constituency, or riding, that they sought office as the representative of such riding to the legislature. One who becomes a Prime Minister is usually the leader of a political party. They only become a Prime Minister if their party — either on its own, or as part of a coalition or by another arrangement, ends up forming the government, and on whom more than one half of the members of the legislature has reposed confidence in.

In Canada, the leader of the political party who wins the most of those seats after elections is then automatically installed as Prime Minister.

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On Pride, Prudence, Humility, Usurpation of Authority and Other Human Values

August 8, 2015

By Ace Alvarez


My loving and lovely niece, Pipay Baltazar Alvarez (Click photo to enlarge)

My loving and lovely niece, Pipay Baltazar Alvarez (Click photo to enlarge)

This post is dedicated to my lovely and loving niece, Pipay Baltazar Alvarez, who, from time to time, when I would be busy and away from the social media, do leave me private messages to say hello and that she misses “my thoughts on everyday life.” Pipay wrote, “Messages … that you share on the wall inspire my everyday life.”

The last time I saw Pipay was sometime back in the early 80s. She was very young then. She wrote to me once, “my respect to you is so high as my dad’s brother. I love you (and the rest of my uncles from my dad’s side), even if I did not regularly saw you as I was growing up, I know that you are part of my life.”


Friends, here is an anecdote that I am sharing with you for the lessons that you may derive from this narration:

(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

When Manuel L. Quezon was the president of what was then the Commonwealth of the Philippines, he dropped by one day at the University of the Philippines, proceeded to the office of Claro M. Recto — described as one of the foremost statesmen of his generation and likewise considered as “the finest mind of the their generation”. Recto was said to ably mold the mind of his contemporaries and succeeding generations through his speeches and writings — a skill described by Filipino writer and television host, Manuel L. Quezon III, as “only excelled by Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Manuel L. Quezon III, is the grandson of the Commonwealth of the Philippines President.

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